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Society Street Renovation
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Society Street

Renovating a downtown home within the heart of the historic district, the aim was to update while enhancing the property’s timeless Charleston characteristics all at the same time. That goal was accomplished through a four-month project that remodeled the ground floor, updating the bathroom, bedroom, and closets, and accentuating with trim and lighting packages. The project also landscaped the exterior of Society Street, adding an outdoor living space that both added value to the home as well as conformed to the guidelines of the Historic Preservation Society. Both inside and out, timelessness and modernity are intertwined in a more livable, functional home that retains every bit of its downtown Charleston charm.

I don’t think we would even be out of the design stage if we hadn’t met CopeGrand.
And we certainly wouldn’t be under contract to build. Trust plays such a huge part in all of this that’s for sure.”

Preston S.