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As twin brothers who grew up around the construction industry, it seemed predestined that Adam and Ben Copenhaver would one day work alongside one another. And when they went into business together, their company wasn’t born just of brotherly affection—but also a drive to create a superior experience for clients building their dream homes or undertaking extensive renovations.

By the time CopeGrand Homes was founded in 2016, the Copenhaver brothers had seen the business from almost every angle. Adam had earned a degree in engineering, while Ben attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a focus on building construction. They had worked separately at some of the best home building companies the nation and the region had to offer, absorbing information from some of the top experts in their field.

And they knew there was a better way.

“From childhood, Ben and I knew that we would eventually own and operate our own general contracting business. So that’s always been the plan,” Adam says. “But what we realized when we started the business was we really wanted to create an environment and an opportunity where clients could thrive in a better experience building new homes and renovating their properties. And so the relationships we develop, and the value we can add to our clients through our process, has been extremely gratifying.”

The result is their signature “Grand Experience,” which ensures that each detail of a client’s needs and desires are met. CopeGrand is based on open lines of communication, planning, setting proper expectations and minimizing client frustration, all while weaving uncompromising integrity and quality into the process. As testament to the effectiveness of that approach, CopeGrand was recently named Best Custom Home Builder in Charleston.

The company specializes in home designs and construction — in price ranges from $600,000 to $3M — across the Charleston area and specializes in beach homes and hurricane resistant construction and low maintenance design. Materials and design styles incorporated into the projects are as unique as the clients themselves. In addition to new construction and renovation, CopeGrand also specializes in drafting and architectural design, and site evaluation and land planning. And the team the Copenhavers have assembled is unrivaled in terms of experience.

“We maintain very strict requirements for each one of our employees and each one of our subcontractors that do work for us. Almost everybody we have on our team has reached out to us and said, ‘We love what you guys are doing and we want to be a part of it,’” Adam says.

“CopeGrand has built a culture that has attracted so much talent, that it’s become an easier way for us to operate a business and maintain clients and maintain trust and loyal relationships with our clients.”

As much as any beachfront home or renovated peninsular Charleston estate, it’s those long-term relationships with clients that make the Copenhavers most proud. While the company is selective about what projects it takes on, that approach ensures full focus on the client’s vision, and helps Adam and Ben Copenhaver maintain the standards of client satisfaction that the twin brothers first set for themselves years ago.

“It’s a different commitment level that we give our clients to make sure that we are going to be there and we are going to fulfill our scope of work,” Adam says, “and we do so with an attention to detail that a lot of our really unique projects deserve.”

CopeGrand is dedicated to improving the client experience, right down to the finest detail. They invite you to reach out to them to share a discussion of your future project or just for a discussion on building science, low maintenance design and features, or hurricane preparedness.