CopeGrand’s focus is on building relationships

We’re obsessed with achieving exceptional customer service and creating lifelong relationships with our clients. Our experience is that your experience is what is most important, and that we’re not only building your home but we’re also building our community. Recognizing the importance of this is why we Give the most in everything that we do. It’s the reason we’ve woven uncompromising quality and outstanding integrity into each step of our clients experience and into each component of their home.

From concept to completion

Experience, and Happiness

Our team begins by understanding each of our client’s needs and in doing so, we begin to form an open and comfortable forum for communication. For each of our clients, their lives and experiences have shaped them, and we want to take those experiences and their future dreams to shape the design and construction of their new home. Learning more about our clients gives us the opportunity to make sure each detail and every square foot has been included with intent and purpose. Thus, our clients can expect to be involved, engaged, and comfortable in the building experience they receive with CopeGrand.
This is what helps shape our Grand Difference.

It’s not a Process, It’s a Grand Experience.

Grand Experience

Internally our team follows our process to insure every detail is considered, but what our clients feel is an experience that takes their needs and desires and puts their plans into motion. Whether our clients meet us for the first time and they have their parcel of land and home plans, or whether their just getting started, we enjoy the opportunity to meet with them and intentionally design the path to their new home.